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Adj.1.almond-scented - smelling of almond
odorous - having odor or a characteristic odor; "odorous jasmine flowers"; "odorous garbage"; "fresh odorous bread"
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Inside the cake were layers of delicate almond cake filled with an almond-scented buttercream.
3 Prunus yedoensis, the Yoshino cherry, brings me back to my student days at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin, where a magnificent specimen with almond-scented blush white flowers stands gracefully.
I had some girolles, the beautiful orange-hued almond-scented forest mushrooms that chefs adore cooking with, and a bag of small ceps, some of the tastiest wild mushrooms around - their strong, deep scent and meaty texture are perfect for stews and pasta dishes.
It might not be especially floriferousness in our cool temperate gardens but every almond-scented blossom it worthy of close inspection.
For example: put a small red dot on the bottom of the vanilla-scented canisters; a tiny piece of tape on the bottom of the vinegar-scented canisters; a piece of tape with a tiny black dot on the bottom of the time-scented canisters; and leave the almond-scented canisters as is.
Use its beautiful leaves and sweet almond-scented flowers for your tea or to tincture.
I was warned over and over by old-timers in my youth to be sure to lay them in a pan of wood ashes and cover them with boiling water for one hour, then discarding the strong-smelling, almond-scented water before drying or using them.