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Noun1.alms-giving - making voluntary contributions to aid the poor
giving, gift - the act of giving
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Clearly the rector was not what is called in these days an "earnest" man: he was fonder of church history than of divinity, and had much more insight into men's characters than interest in their opinions; he was neither laborious, nor obviously self-denying, nor very copious in alms-giving, and his theology, you perceive, was lax.
His alms-giving, I have heard, was most exten- sive, covering almost the whole Archipelago.
The faithfuls are also encouraged to go to confession, to perform acts of charity, self-denial, and penance, and to visit the adoration chapel aside from the customary practices done during Lent such as prayer, alms-giving, and missionary work.
While Tzedakah commonly refers to alms-giving, it actually points to every Jewish person's religious obligation to uphold fairness and justice in the community.
The culture has since changed in modern Christianity and most churches observe alms-giving prior to Christmas Day.
For Muslims, zakat, or alms-giving, constitutes one of the five fundamental pillars of their faith, while among Hindus, charity toward the poor is enjoined even in their oldest religious texts.
After a month of fasting, prayer and alms-giving, Muslims around the world will welcome the end of Ramadan either June 25 or 26, depending on when the new moon is seen.
Justice minister stresses the crucial importance of alms-giving (Zakat) in promoting social solidarity.
We have forms that individuals or groups collecting money or receiving donations for religious purposes - like alms-giving, building places of worship, religious activities and others - must complete to get permission," said the circular.
In the run-up to Ramadan, Daraz Aasan Zakat is committed to streamlining the charitable process of alms-giving and alms-receiving.
KUWAIT, Feb 16 (KUNA) -- Minister of Justice and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Yaqoub Al-Sanea said Tuesday that the International Zakat Conference aims at highlighting the role of alms-giving within social responsibility, particularly economic development.