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A bitter yellow crystalline compound obtained from certain aloes and having laxative properties. Its use in laxatives was banned in the United States in 2002.

[alo(e) + -in.]


(Pharmacology) a bitter crystalline compound derived from various species of aloe: used as a laxative and flavouring agent
[C19: from aloe + -in]
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com/article/276768-aloe-vera-stomach-problems/) barbaloin, aloin, and aloe-emodin , which also have an anti-inflammatory effect on the inner lining of the GI tract.
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For food flavorings, the only class of compounds with usage restrictions by regulatory bodies to some of its constituents is the extraction solvent class, where the agaric acid, aloin, beta-azarone, berberine, coumarin, hydrocyanic acid, hypericin, pulegone, quassine, safrole and isosafrole, santonin and tuyona alpha and beta have maximum tolerable limits discriminated in documents (Brasil, 1999; Brasil, 2007).
The adverse effect on flavour score could be due to presence of aloin with bitter taste in AVG (Tumlinson, 1985) while use of higher concentration makes the bitter taste more recognizable (Soltanizadeh and Ghiasi-Esfahani, 2015).
Purpose: We investigated the effect of aloin, an anthrocyclic compound, on inhibition of osteoclastogenesis using receptor of the nuclear factor [kappa]B (NF-[kappa]B) ligand (RANKL)-induced RAW264.
In fact, the search for tests for this substance, called aloin, is already under way; a call for methods was issued in September 2015 and submitted methods will be reviewed by an expert panel at this month's mid-year meeting.
In a separate study that used decolorized whole-leaf aloe extract with a lower aloin content, these findings were not replicated.
y g aloin The Latics trailed by goals from Britt Assombalonga and Lee Tomlin (right) and, after Charlie MacDonald halved the deficit, James r s Tarkowski missed an open goal to secure a point.
As with any supplement--whether in juice or pill form--always know what you're buying, purchase from a reputable manufacturer, and identify that the aloe product clearly does not contain aloin.
PIZCA is the oldest aloe company in Venezuela and since 1992 has been processing aloe plants to obtain aloe juices, aloe gel, aloin and anthraquinone compounds for several demanding industries in the largest markets.
Aloin and other anthranoid derivatives stimulate prostaglandin production in isolated segments of intestinal tissue, thus contributing to die cathartic action [4,3,6].