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Noun1.alphabetic writing - a writing system based on alphabetic charactersalphabetic writing - a writing system based on alphabetic characters
orthography, writing system - a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols
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in her relationship with alphabetic writing and in her inability to organically commit herself, we intend to highlight that there is something that goes beyond the motor impairment of this subject with CP: her presence in language, even if she is not able to express herself orally.
Alphabetic writing emerged centuries later in Phoenicia, then morphed into Aramaic, which morphed into Hebrew and Greek and later into the Roman alphabet we are using here.
Among their topics are Achaemenid propaganda and oral traditions: a reassessment of Herodotus' early Persian logoi, alphabetic writing in the Mediterranean world: transmission and appropriation, a cache of terracotta votives from Mendes: elements of popular religion in the Axial Age, medicine and mathematics in fifth-century Greece and the question of Near Eastern influence, and elite and non-elite transmission of culture and technology.
The earliest example of alphabetic writing was a clay tablet with 32 cuneiform letters found in Ugarit in Syria and dated to 1450 B.
Compared with alphabetic writing, the process of reading and writing in Chinese is much more complex.
One of the most relevant findings in the field of reading in the last four decades has indicated phonological awareness as the strongest predictor of success for learning an alphabetic writing system (Castles & Coltheart, 2004; Melby-Lervag, Lyster, & Hulme, 2012; Wimmer, Landerl, Linortner, & Hummer, 1991).
Indeed, alphabetic writing is a semiotic system with two planes: a syntagmatic, horizontal sequence of signs arranged in a linear structure which yields a particular reading or content on the one hand, and, on the other hand, a paradigmatic, vertical correlation of graphs or iconic forms characterized by their position with respect to each other in the system.
The information of interest here describes the bottlenecks associated with the alphabetic writing systems including the fully transparent orthography of the Finnish language, the slightly less transparent Dutch writing and the non-alphabetic Chinese where the requirements of the initial learning (of Pinyin) is close to that needed for that of the other two orthographies but those of the later stages of learning (i.
As Palmeri describes it, he seeks in his book to "recover how compositionists from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s studied and taught alphabetic writing as an embodied multimodal process that shares affinities with other forms of composing (visual, aural, spatial, gestural)" (p.
In Plato's dialogue Phaedrus, Socrates worried that the introduction of alphabetic writing would "create forgetfulness" and replace truth with the "semblance of truth.
Accessible to readers of all backgrounds, Runes: A Handbook is a solid reference and resource to this early alphabetic writing system, used especially among Germanic peoples to write various languages, including Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian idioms.
In the three chapters that comprise part 1, Rollston situates his analysis of ancient Israelite writing and literacy within the larger picture of Early Alphabetic writing during a period that encompassed the origin of alphabetic writing in the early second millennium, down through its development by the Phoenicians in the early first millennium and its use by the various Levantine polities from the ninth through the sixth centuries B.