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tr.v. al·pha·bet·ized, al·pha·bet·iz·ing, al·pha·bet·iz·es
1. To arrange in alphabetical order.
2. To supply with an alphabet.

al′pha·bet′i·za′tion (-bĕt′ĭ-zā′shən) n.
al′pha·bet·iz′er n.
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Adj.1.alphabetized - having been put in alphabetical orderalphabetized - having been put in alphabetical order; "the cards are all alphabetized, as you requested"
alphabetic, alphabetical - arranged in order according to the alphabet; "an alphabetic arrangement"; "dictionaries list words in alphabetical order"
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Featuring nearly 200 alphabetized entries and 120 black-and-white photographs, The Bigfoot Book is an incredible encyclopedia of folklore, legends, eyewitness accounts, and more about the mythologized "Bigfoot"--supposedly a lurking, hairy, humanoid monster that subsists in remote areas on the fringes of society.
Contax actively curates instead of displaying an alphabetized list of thousands of names.
A clean desk, files alphabetized in a cabinet or stored by digital folder?
The special series of alphabetized content features a mix of essays, images, artwork, and pictorials by a diverse group of contributors, including British essayist A.
Primary entries on industrial phenomena, inventors & inventions, prominent companies, historical events in industrialization, economic models & philosophies, and theoretical terminology are alphabetized.
Each category is organized in a concise manner and sub categories are alphabetized and contain links so that users can quickly find the information they need.
By the time the ceremony concludes - once those hundreds of alphabetized names have been called - even the parents, siblings, friends and grandparents have made their peace with the proceedings.
Genealogists will enjoy the alphabetized lists of known burials and those interested in the history of the Niagara region will appreciate the short commentaries about notable persons buried in certain cemeteries in the area.
This provides a more orderly and equitable use of space, and the companies can be alphabetized," Brassard said.
It packs in details organized by state and alphabetized by college name, and includes everything from programs of study and requirements to transfers, visiting options, financial aid and more.
Users can perform keyword-driven, alphabetized category, or subcategory searches.
He has thoughtfully supplied a multi-page "guide to use" ahead of 285 densely packed pages of alphabetized entries.