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tr.v. al·pha·bet·ized, al·pha·bet·iz·ing, al·pha·bet·iz·es
1. To arrange in alphabetical order.
2. To supply with an alphabet.

al′pha·bet′i·za′tion (-bĕt′ĭ-zā′shən) n.
al′pha·bet·iz′er n.
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Adj.1.alphabetized - having been put in alphabetical orderalphabetized - having been put in alphabetical order; "the cards are all alphabetized, as you requested"
alphabetic, alphabetical - arranged in order according to the alphabet; "an alphabetic arrangement"; "dictionaries list words in alphabetical order"
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Slack's Message Menu feature eliminates the process of manually scrolling through the list of available applications, replacing it with an alphabetized drop down menu.
Others, including overseas Vietnamese, are alphabetized by family name ("Duong, Minh Nhat"), producing confusing results.
This is followed by an alphabetized section on Common Vegetables; then a section devoted Forgotten, Rare, and less-Known Vegetables; and concludes with Forgotten, Rare, and hardly Known Lettuce Greens.
You can explore the website--and digest the lingo of sustainable food--by using the search tool, or by following the "Lexicon" link to an alphabetized list of food terms.
Stock ticker symbols can be effortlessly searched through the search box feature or users may choose to browse from the alphabetized list of stock symbols.
Featuring nearly 200 alphabetized entries and 120 black-and-white photographs, The Bigfoot Book is an incredible encyclopedia of folklore, legends, eyewitness accounts, and more about the mythologized "Bigfoot"--supposedly a lurking, hairy, humanoid monster that subsists in remote areas on the fringes of society.
Contax actively curates instead of displaying an alphabetized list of thousands of names.
There are alphabetized sections on word stems, postbases, word endings of verbs and nouns, and enclitics, which precede 31 appendices covering, inter alia, such topics as inflection, roots and stems, kinship terms, ice and snow terms, time, location, counting, and names.
A clean desk, files alphabetized in a cabinet or stored by digital folder?
Primary entries on industrial phenomena, inventors & inventions, prominent companies, historical events in industrialization, economic models & philosophies, and theoretical terminology are alphabetized.
The elementary and middle school lists are divided by curricular topics, such as math and social studies, and the high school guide is alphabetized by tool name.
By the time the ceremony concludes - once those hundreds of alphabetized names have been called - even the parents, siblings, friends and grandparents have made their peace with the proceedings.