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 (ăl′pən-hôrn′) or alp·horn (ălp′hôrn′)
A curved wooden horn, sometimes as long as 6 meters (20 feet), traditionally used by herders in the Alps to call cows to pasture.

[German : Alpen, Alps + Horn, horn (from Middle High German, from Old High German; see ker- in Indo-European roots).]


(Instruments) another name for alphorn


(ˈæl pənˌhɔrn)

a very long, powerful horn used by Swiss herders and mountaineers.
[1860–65; < German, =Alpen Alps + Horn horn]


[ˈælpənhɔːn] Ntrompa f de los Alpes


nAlphorn nt
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Spend a few hours travelling in the scenic valley to practically watch the Buchmanns make alphorns in their workshop: Strongly recommended for music and art lovers.
Swiss writers describe their instruments: in 1767 Moritz Anton Capeler wrote of the alphorns used on Mount Pilatus, above Lucerne.
Walkers and hikers would not have believed their eyes as they caught glimpses of the two ladies yodelling, accompanied by Helen and Neil Grundy on the alphorns.
A lot of people have a ludicrous image of individuals in lederhosen, blowing alphorns.
Meanwhile, at the Zurich airport, our Swiss greeters would soon be readying the glasses of Pommery for our arrival--that, and cueing the alphorns.
Meanwhile, in Sion they were probably whooping it up, tootin' their alphorns and ringing the old cowbells, or whatever the Swiss do when they're over the moon.
Fondue, raclette, Alphorns and a speech by Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey: the Swiss Mission (embassy) to the European Union celebrated its 50th anniversary with great pomp on the evening of 15 November.
Jonglei state minister of health, Rodentia Ayen Alphorns, said the state government is following Kala-azar cases in Ayod, Fangak and Pigi keenly.
A new book about the SAC project, featuring interviews with three ETH professors who were closely involved, reveals another aspect of the project's appeal: the idea of redefining a tried-and-tested type of "Swissness"--the mountain hut and its traditional associations with "flags, alphorns, Toblerone and marmots".
It's dinnertime and farmers are dipping bread cubes into a molten pot of melted cheese, an image of Switzerland's rustic mountainsides and garrets as iconic as Heidi at her chalet or men in embroidered vests playing 10-foot-long Alphorns.
Dressed in Swiss costumes, the 75 family members and friends attending heard Kenneth play the accordion, sons Larry the guitar, Fred the bass fiddle, and grandsons Paul and Eric on alphorns.