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A benzodiazepine drug, C17H13ClN4, used to treat panic disorder and other anxiety disorders.

[alp-, of unknown origin + (t)r(i)- + azol(e) + am(ine).]
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Noun1.alprazolam - an antianxiety agent (trade name Xanax) of the benzodiazepine classalprazolam - an antianxiety agent (trade name Xanax) of the benzodiazepine class
benzodiazepine - any of several similar lipophilic amines used as tranquilizers or sedatives or hypnotics or muscle relaxants; chronic use can lead to dependency


n alprazolam m
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According to the sheriff's office, items seized from Baig's residence included: $1,263, 51 Alprazolam pills, 8 Lorazepam pills, 65 grams of marijuana, 4 grams of cannabis edibles, cocaine residue, packaging materials and a digital scale.
Addiction expert Dr Roy Robertson believes there will be a rising number of fatal overdoses associated with the misuse of Xanax - a brand name for a powerful tranquilliser called alprazolam.
HSCB spokesman Joe Brogan said: "Benzodiazepines include drugs such as diazepam, nitrazepam, temazepam and alprazolam.
Among those substances destroyed were shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride), ephedrine, cocaine, ketamine, marijuana, benzphetamine HCI, N-benzylpiperazine, zolpiden, ephedrine, propanolol, sodium carbonate, valium, nitrazepam, nalbuphine, clonazepam, alprazolam, midazolam, methylphenidate, MDMA, codeine, pseudoephedrine, expired medicines, and liquid shabu.
He tested positive for painkillers hydrocodone and hydromorphone, anxiety drug alprazolam, sleep pill zolpidem and THC, the chemical in cannabis that gives it a high.
In addition, there was zolpidem, a sedative prescribed for insomnia, as well as alprazolam and THC in his body.
Medicine of choice for anxiety in India: alprazolam.
Stevens receives 3 mg extended release alprazolam (Xanax[R]) daily.
A middle-aged male had success rapidly reducing fast-acting alprazolam (Xanax) dosage by taking very high doses of niacin, along with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and vitamin C.
Packets of alprazolam pills confiscated from a passenger at the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh are displayed at the Customs office.
During her next appointment with her physician, he prescribed alprazolam and morphine sulfate daily.
The intercepted drugs consist of 100,000 200mg tablets of Cytotec, 31,014 10mg tablets of Valium, 2,700 10mg tablets of Xolnox, 24,000 10mg tablets of Ritalin, 27,492 tablets of Alprazolam and 7,000 10 mg tablets of Ambin.