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A prostaglandin drug, C20H34O5, that acts as a vasodilator and is used in suppository or injectable form to treat erectile dysfunction.

[Probably al(pha-cyclodextrin), sugar to which the prostaglandin is bound to increase its solubility as a drug + prosta(glandin) + (vaso)dil(ator).]
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Wan'Te") to acquire the intellectual property, exclusive sales and manufacturing rights of micro-emulsion alprostadil injection from Wan'Te for total proceeds of RMB10 million, of which RMB5 million will be paid in cash and RMB5 million will be paid in shares of the Company's common stock.
IN 1982 some drugs were found to provoke an erection when injected into the penis and currently a prostaglandin, alprostadil, is favoured.
Femprox(r) incorporates NexMed's NexACT transdermal penetration enhancing technology with the vasodilator, alprostadil.
Before sildenafil's approval in 1998, drug treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) was limited to alprostadil (prostaglandin [E.
Drugs such as papaverine hydrochloride, phentolamine, and alprostadil (marketed as Caverject) widen blood vessels.
Overall, the use of alprostadil by needle injection has proved highly satisfactory.
markets Caverject, a therapy involving injection of the drug alprostadil through small needles into the side of the penis.
Vitaros contains a previously marketed ED drug, known by the chemical name of alprostadil.
ALISTA is an investigational proprietary formulation of alprostadil applied topically to the female genitalia.
ALISTA is a proprietary formulation of alprostadil applied locally to the female genitalia.