alsike clover

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al·sike clover

A perennial European clover (Trifolium hybridum) with whitish or pink flowers, naturalized over much of North America and grown as a pasture and hay plant.

[After Alsike, near Uppsala in eastern Sweden.]

al′sike clo′ver

(ˈæl saɪk, -sɪk, ˈɔl-)
a European clover, Trifoliumhybridum, having pink flowers: grown widely for forage. Also called al′sike.
[1850–55; after Alsike, near Uppsala, Sweden]
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Alsike clover (Trfolium hybridum), available from specialty growers and rural seed suppliers, also can be grown in damp areas.
The Fall Mix contains Dwarf Essex Rape, Alsike Clover, Deer Candy Sugar Beets, Hobson Rape, Samson Turnip and Dynamo Turnip.
4) HUNTER'S SPECIALTIES Vita-Rack Fall Mix contains a blend of dwarf essex rape, alsike clover, sugar beets, Hobson rape, Samson turnip, and Dynamo turnip.
1996b) Alsike clover (Trifolium Ellsbury & Baker (1988) hybridinum) Lappa clover (Trifolium lappaceum) Ellsbury & Baker (1988) Persian clover (Trifolium Ellsbury & Baker (1988); resupinatum) Pemberton et al.
Alsike clover is a short-lived perennial adapted to cool, moist areas.
Alsike clover was intermediate in response compared with white, arrowleaf (T.
This week, while out on one of her 5-mile loops through the Simi Valley hills, Garges spotted the pink petals and hairy tufts of alsike clover coming into bloom.
If you are a beekeeper, alsike clover, broad beans, sweet clover, buckwheat and phacelia will give your bees a good supply of nectar.
2) Brier Ridge's Buck's Banquet contains a blend of Ladino Clover, Alsike Clover, Dynamo/Samson Turnip, Puna Chicory, and Rape that tastes sweeter when the weather turns cooler.