alternative school

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alternative school

A school that is nontraditional, especially in educational ideals, methods of teaching, or curriculum.

alter′native school`

a school having a flexible or nontraditional curriculum.
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Additionally, the MTA would pay all costs connected with the ``reconfiguration or rebuilding of the high school or the construction of an alternative school facility .
Wheaton is supposed to be a rigorous private academy for the gifted, but is really an alternative school where students can take any classes they want, and most of the time, they hang out in the local diner with their teachers, discussing life.
There are four elementary schools, two middle schools, one K-8 school of choice, one comprehensive high school, one continuation high school, an independent study K-12 school, and a 6-12 alternative school.
As an alternative school administrator, I am often asked about the type of student who attends my school.
a) When an older sibling was directed by the council to an alternative school because the alternative school was previously the catchment area school, the council will admit younger siblings to the alternative school if the parent desires.
Tessa McPhail's tagging habit lands her at New Directions, an alternative school in Montreal's toughest neighbourhood.
Contract award: establishment of an alternative school at the gymnasium schloss neuhaus.
Following investigations, the KHDA issued a directive preventing the school from registering new students, and helped existing students and parents find an alternative school.
Pellegrino, principal at Gardner Academy for Learning and Technology, an alternative school within the district, was selected as the new high school principal.
When a school counselor suggested that she consider an alternative school, Harrison says her life started to turn around.
The authors in this study examined the client satisfaction of chronically disruptive students and their families (clients) following a mandatory alternative school assignment.
This report presents the 2011 Montana Youth Risk Behavior alternative school student frequency distributions.

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