alternative school

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alternative school

A school that is nontraditional, especially in educational ideals, methods of teaching, or curriculum.

alter′native school`

a school having a flexible or nontraditional curriculum.
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8, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Action for Healthy Kids announces the Lights, Camera, Breakfast Contest to highlight the importance of alternative school breakfast programs nationwide in helping kids start the school day with a nutritious meal.
Contract award: establishment of an alternative school at the gymnasium schloss neuhaus.
Following investigations, the KHDA issued a directive preventing the school from registering new students, and helped existing students and parents find an alternative school.
Pellegrino, principal at Gardner Academy for Learning and Technology, an alternative school within the district, was selected as the new high school principal.
When a school counselor suggested that she consider an alternative school, Harrison says her life started to turn around.
The authors in this study examined the client satisfaction of chronically disruptive students and their families (clients) following a mandatory alternative school assignment.
In California, the number of at-risk, adjudicated, incarcerated, and charter school youth taught in alternative school settings rivals the total number of students served in special education in the state (Ashcroft, Price, & McNair, 1992).
THE FORGOTTEN ROOM: Inside a Public Alternative School for At-Risk Youth.
Students who completed high school and/or attended college reported that the alternative school environment was caring, life-skills oriented, and intellectually stimulating, all of which contributed to their success.
She describes the work of alternative education so far, the successful movement toward school choice for parents, the perception of students' and families' "ownership" of an alternative school, the hope held out by charter schools and magnet schools, the options of home schooling and private schools, the implied threats imposed by vouchers, and the wave of the future, distance learning, and its potentials.
But it sparked an exodus from the Meadow Lane school with parents deciding to find alternative school places.
The kids were really creative in their ideas about what residents needed," says Eddie Fowler, site coordinator and Port Arthur Alternative School Administrator.

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