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 (ôl-tûr′nə-tĭv, ăl-)
a. One of a number of possible choices or courses of action: There are plenty of alternatives to conventional advertising.
b. A choice or course of action that is mutually exclusive with another: The alternative to staying in that dead-end job is to quit. See Synonyms at choice.
2. A situation presenting a choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities: people facing the alternative of selling their homes or going bankrupt.
a. Being one of a number of possible choices or courses of action: The highway is closed. Seek alternative routes.
b. Being one of two mutually exclusive choices or courses of action: How effective is the alternative treatment?
c. Substitute or other: Several members of the audience provided alternative views on the topic.
a. Existing outside traditional or established institutions or systems: an alternative lifestyle; alternative energy.
b. Espousing or reflecting values that are different from those of the establishment or mainstream: an alternative newspaper.

al·ter′na·tive·ly adv.
Usage Note: A traditional view holds that alternative should be used only when the number of choices involved is exactly two. This reasoning is based on the word's historical relation to Latin alter, "the other of two." Even in the 1960s, some 58 percent of the Usage Panel did not favor this edict, and now that majority is overwhelming. In 2009, fully 87 percent of the Panel accepted the sentence There are plenty of alternatives to straightforward advertising, and 85 percent accepted There are many new antibiotic alternatives to penicillin. Constructions like a number of alternatives must now be considered standard. · As an adjective, alternative can mean "allowing or requiring a choice between two or more things," as in We wrote an alternative statement in case the first was rejected by the board. It may also refer to a variant or substitute in cases where no choice is involved, as in We will do our best to secure alternative employment for employees displaced by the closing of the factory. In our 2009 survey, 87 percent of the Usage Panel accepted this sentence. Interestingly, only 52 percent accepted alternate when used in the same sentence.


1. 'alternately'

You use alternately to say that two actions or processes keep happening regularly after each other.

Each piece of material is washed alternately in soft water and coconut oil.
She became alternately angry and calm.
2. 'alternatively'

You use alternatively to give a different explanation from one that has just been mentioned, or to suggest a different course of action.

It is on sale there now for just £9.97. Alternatively, you can buy the album by mail order for just £10.
Alternatively, you can use household bleach.
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Adv.1.alternatively - in place of, or as an alternative to; "Felix became a herpetologist instead"; "alternatively we could buy a used car"


adverb or, instead, otherwise, on the other hand, if not, then again, as an alternative, by way of alternative, as another option Allow about 8 hours for the drive. Alternatively, you could fly.
بِالتَبَادُلبِصُورَة بَدِيلَه
annars, aî öîrum kosti
một cách khác


[ɔːlˈtɜːrnətɪvli] advautrement, sinon
alternatively, one could ... → autrement, il est possible de ..., sinon, il est possible de ...alternative medicine nmédecine f douce


advals Alternative, als andere Möglichkeit; or alternatively, he could come with usoder aber, er kommt mit uns mit; a prison sentence of three months or alternatively a fine of £500eine Gefängnisstrafe von drei Monaten oder wahlweise eine Geldstrafe von £ 500


[ɒlˈtɜːnətɪvlɪ] advin alternativa, altrimenti


(oːlˈtəːnətiv) adjective
offering a choice of a second possibility. An alternative arrangement can be made if my plans don't suit you.
a choice between two (or sometimes more) things or possibilities. You leave me no alternative but to dismiss you; I don't like fish. Is there an alternative on the menu?
alˈternatively adverb


بِالتَبَادُل jinak alternativt ersatzweise εναλλακτικά opcionalmente vaihtoehtoisesti alternativement alternativno alternativamente 代わりに 교대로 alternatief alternativt alternatywnie alternativamente альтернативно alternativt ซึ่งมีตัวเลือก ya da một cách khác 作为选择
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said he, rubbing both ears alternatively with his shoulders, which, in such cases, is the supreme sign of discontent.
Or is it something complex, perhaps consisting in our way of behaving in the presence of objects, or, alternatively, in the existence in us of things called "ideas," having a certain relation to objects, though different from them, and only symbolically representative of them?
Come, you let me alone,' said the boy, parrying Quilp's hand with both his elbows alternatively.
Contract notice: Execution of works that provide preparatory and using roadheader and alternatively using mw in the central bed staszic the board 510 in khw sa kwk murcki-staszic ".
Alternatively you can e-mail your entry to: competitions@ scottish.
Alternatively, an audio-only, simultaneous Webcast of the live conference call can be accessed through the Investor Relations link on the company's Web site at www.
Alternatively, session border control may be implemented using a distributed architecture using separate physical signaling and media control products for the functional elements described above.
Alternatively, the researchers propose that ice caps help quiet volcanoes by bearing down on Earth's crust, essentially putting a weight on the magma chambers that feed volcanoes.
Alternatively, Branch Item Capture can be integrated into the bank's existing teller system, where the teller accepting the deposit from the customer runs the transaction through Excella while the customer is waiting at the window.
Alternatively, it might interact with the receptors in a way that affects receptor structure and function, allowing cell proliferation and tumor formation.
Alternatively, such persons may gain access through a secure website by contacting the company at #888.
Alternatively, a uniquely addressable mirror of the database could be split off.

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