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conj. Informal


a short form of although



conj. Pron. Spelling.
References in classic literature ?
So I take the privilidge of the day, Mary, my dear--as the gen'l'm'n in difficulties did, ven he valked out of a Sunday--to tell you that the first and only time I see you, your likeness was took on my hart in much quicker time and brighter colours than ever a likeness was took by the profeel macheen (wich p'raps you may have heerd on Mary my dear) altho it DOES finish a portrait and put the frame and glass on complete, with a hook at the end to hang it up by, and all in two minutes and a quarter.
nkfully their guitars arrived after and they proceeded to friends wherever they went - gan impromptu gig outside a shop in Calcutta and playing of their lives at NH7 in Banwere new a horizon ally," sa the adv Altho the mo "Whe guitars Dubai," ards.
Legenda FALLOON rec Black was was goin altho slig sta for Legendary photographer Ron Falloon recalls: "I could tell Ms Black was quietly confident she was going to be a success, although she seemed slightly nervous backstage as she prepared for her performance.
Legendary player: Stuart Pearce altho his reign as manager was not so successful.
5 wo w uld probab But altho St S erling and Wa W rd a huge the move y on the pit Would from An But although that would bring Sterling and representative Aidy Ward a huge sum of money, would the move yield the same return on the pitch for the striker?
So we bought a pa clippers and Mark shaWhen you look at the mirror and recognise your it is very we been wear - and a few o altho When you look at yourself in the mirror and you don't recognise your reflection it is very weird.
Altho they are in full Force, you know they are little more than Theory.
Now altho these spontaneous actions belonging to the Animall life are in a great measure common to the human and brutall (a) Nature, yet there is this difference universally between them, that (b) tho those are in a great measure even spontaneous in the Brutes and other animals, yet they are under the Regiment only of their Phantasy (c) & naturall appetite.
04-45) * unless obvious = related to a target (bold) head word, excluding pre- and suffixes, altho reusing the repeater prefix re- is also a weakness if crucial to the definition.
offers or hav but they did "I'm happy working with players, altho depleted by season.
However our view is that a private placement is a more realistic outcome as altho ugh UTair has improved its reporting policy and transparency lately, it is still below the industry average.
Her husband has never visited Palestine, altho he had converted to Orthodox Christianity and now studied for the ministry at Holy Cross College not far from my home in Cambridge Massachusetts.