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Noun1.alto saxophonist - a musician who plays the alto saxophonealto saxophonist - a musician who plays the alto saxophone
saxist, saxophonist - a musician who plays the saxophone
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The All-Stars were joined by a surprise guest, alto saxophonist Grace Kelly, who had opened the concert for the All-Stars.
Alto saxophonist Jake Fryer will be leading his quartet at the regular Stratford session at The Chapel on Sunday.
The youngest member is nine-year-old alto saxophonist Isaiah Williams who made his debut performance at Symphony Hall over a year ago - an event which has been viewed thousands of times on the internet.
They first jammed 15 years ago when Bernstein was working with alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson in New York.
The Heiden piece will feature alto saxophonist Colin Lippy, an instructor in double reeds and saxophone at the Music School.
Legendary alto saxophonist Phil Woods and vocalist Kelly Eisenhour will round out the evening's bill.
The New Directions CD reviewed above is a wonderful CD, largely because of alto saxophonist Greg Osby; as good as that CD is, however, The Invisible Hand is even better--musically and sonically.
Pianist Robbie is a Birmingham Conservatoire graduate and his band includes alto saxophonist Chris Young and trumpeter Sam Wooster.
The concert closed with a beautifully rendered version of "Farsighted Friendship," a revamped version of "Auld Lang Syne" conceived by alto saxophonist John Tchicai, a creative music icon.
ASK any jazz fan or musician who is the greatest living British player and the answer is almost certain to be alto saxophonist Peter King who is performing at Bearwood Corks on Thursday night.
A powerful quartet led by alto saxophonist Charles McPherson grabbed chatty diners by the lapels and made them listen to pungent bebop played fast, loose and with unmistakable wit.
The driving force behind this recording is alto saxophonist Greg Osby, joined by Stefon Harris on vibes, Jason Moran on keyboards, Mark Shim on tenor, with rhythm support from Tarus Mateen on bass and Nasheet Waits on drums.