aluminium chloride

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Noun1.aluminium chloride - a chloride used as a wood preservative or catalyst
chloride - any compound containing a chlorine atom
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Tenders are invited for Annual mtc of Master water supply scheme in U E Bahadurgarh Supply of Poly Aluminium Chloride PAC at HUDA water works Sector 7 Bahadurgarh and all other works contingent thereto
Stop focusing on banishing smells and start focusing on banishing sweat, with a highstrength antiperspirant containing aluminium chloride.
It's the sunlight refracting on the aluminium chloride and not a UFO.
HCl promoted the vaporization of molten aluminium cores into volatile aluminium chloride species and facilitated the progress of nitridation through a sequence of spontaneous chlorination and intermediate nitridation reactions.
Stronger preparations of aluminium chloride can be prescribed for excessive sweating, and are mostly used under the arms.
Wearing loose clothing and cotton underwear can keep you cool and using antiperspirants containing aluminium chloride can also help.
In order to purify the water, the officials have used high quantity of Poly aluminium chloride powder.