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1. Any of various chiefly Mediterranean weeds or ornamentals of the genus Alyssum in the mustard family, having racemes of white or yellow flowers. Also called madwort.
2. Any of various similar plants in the mustard family, especially sweet alyssum.

[New Latin Alyssum, genus name, from Latin alysson, kind of madder, from Greek alusson, a plant believed to cure rabies : a-, not; see a-1 + lussa, rabies; see wl̥kwo- in Indo-European roots.]


(Plants) any widely cultivated herbaceous garden plant of the genus Alyssum, having clusters of small yellow or white flowers: family Brassicaceae (crucifers). See also sweet alyssum, alison
[C16: from New Latin, from Greek alusson, from alussos (adj) curing rabies, referring to the ancient belief in the plant's healing properties]


(əˈlɪs əm)

1. any of various plants of the mustard family, having gray leaves and clusters of small yellow or white flowers.
[1545–55; < New Latin; Latin alysson < Greek, neuter of ályssos curing (canine) madness, derivative of a- a-6lýssa madness]
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Noun1.alyssum - any garden plant of the genus Alyssum having clusters of small yellow or white flowersalyssum - any garden plant of the genus Alyssum having clusters of small yellow or white flowers
crucifer, cruciferous plant - any of various plants of the family Cruciferae
genus Alyssum, Alyssum - a genus of the family Cruciferae
2.Alyssum - a genus of the family Cruciferae
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
Brassicaceae, Cruciferae, family Brassicaceae, family Cruciferae, mustard family - a large family of plants with four-petaled flowers; includes mustards, cabbages, broccoli, turnips, cresses, and their many relatives
alyssum, madwort - any garden plant of the genus Alyssum having clusters of small yellow or white flowers
References in classic literature ?
October though it was, the garden was still very sweet with dear, old-fashioned, unworldly flowers and shrubs -- sweet may, southern-wood, lemon verbena, alyssum, petunias, marigolds and chrysanthemums.
If you need something even lower to complete the landscape design, consider annuals such as alyssum, which is a mounding plant with lots of white blooms.
Sweet alyssum, catmint, and Santa Barbara daisy ramble beneath the roses.
Start collecting tokens today for our first unmissable offer - six packets of seeds - Alyssum, Antirrhinum, Cornflower, Gypsophila, Love-in-a-mist and Poppy - absolutely FREE
Prune back spring flowering rock plants such as aubrietia, alyssum and pinks.
Trailing annuals such as petunia, impatiens, alyssum and lobelia are eminently suited to this task.
For a cottage garden look, try blue annual salvia, 'Sonata Mix' cosmos, a few golden 'Sunray' coreopsis, 'Blue Moon' lobelia, 'Blue Blazer' ageratum, and 'Easter Bonnet' alyssum.
Take cuttings of herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme and cotton lavender, and soft evergreens such as candytuft, rue and the golden-flowered Alyssum saxatile.
SOW seeds of flowers, including sweet peas, Bells of Ireland, nemesia, tobacco plant, African and French marigolds and alyssum.
The plants selected for a moon garden could include white chrysanthemum, cosmos, nicotiana, petunia, alyssum, delphinium, candytuft, star jasmine, white agapanthus, calla lily, iris, moonflower (white morning glory), and paperwhite narcissus.
They combine well with white alyssum, blue lobelia, and dark green English ivy.
Trim back the rockery plants aubrieta, yellow alyssum and arabis when they have finished flowering.