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archaic or poetic with great strength, speed, or haste
[C16: from a-2 + main1]



adv. Archaic.
1. with full force.
2. at full speed.
3. suddenly; hastily.
4. exceedingly; greatly.
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Adv.1.amain - at full speedamain - at full speed; with great haste; "the children ran down the hill amain"
2.amain - with all your strengthamain - with all your strength; "he pulled the ropes amain"
References in classic literature ?
But as the strange captain, leaning over the pallid bulwarks, was in the act of putting his trumpet to his mouth, it somehow fell from his hand into the sea; and the wind now rising amain, he in vain strove to make himself heard without it.
What when we fled amain, pursu'd and strook With Heav'ns afflicting Thunder, and besought The Deep to shelter us?
Sin and Death amain Following his track, such was the will of Heav'n, Pav'd after him a broad and beat'n way Over the dark Abyss, whose boiling Gulf Tamely endur'd a Bridge of wondrous length From Hell continu'd reaching th' utmost Orbe Of this frail World; by which the Spirits perverse With easie intercourse pass to and fro To tempt or punish mortals, except whom God and good Angels guard by special grace.
So, grasping the rough protuberances of the rock, he tugged and toiled amain, and got himself quite out of breath, without being able to stir the heavy stone.
At this merry Robin Hood laughed amain, and bade him stay and become one of their band if he wished.
Riches are mine, fortune is in my hand; They whom I favour thrive in wealth amain, While virtue, valour, wisdom, sit in want.
Apollyon therefore followed his work amain, and Christian again took courage and resisted as manfully as he could.
The soul strives amain to live and work through all things.
I care not for Spring; on his fickle wing Let the blossoms and buds be borne; He woos them amain with his treacherous rain, And he scatters them ere the morn.
Firefighters used breathing apparatus, hose reels and amain jet to tackle the blaze and remained at the property damping down until 3.
t Amain gCMp Louth boss Aidan O'Rourke, meanwhile, admitted defeat in the battle to get Darren Clarke and Conor McGuinness 100 per cent right for the clash in Portlaoise.
One soldier was killed and six others were injured in the two separate assassination attempts in Lawadar where government troops are launching a military and security campaign against Al Qaida men who ambushed three military supply vehicles in Amain area close to Lawdar town earlier Friday.