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A vertically grooved, disklike structure crowning the main tower of a Hindu temple in northern Indian temple design.

[Sanskrit āmalakaḥ, fruit of the Indian gooseberry (the structure being so called from its resemblance to the fruit); akin to amalā, Indian gooseberry tree, of unknown origin.]
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An amalaka (amla-shaped finial) crowns the shikhara.
Amalaka Rasayana (3), a classical preparation from the text Charaka Samhita, made from Amalaka (Phyllanthus emblica), Kumkuma kesara (Crocus sativa), Ela (Ellateria cardamomum) has been known to have effects of anti-ageing and is used extensively in Kerala, India.
Herbs and foods that increase spermatogenesis include brahmi; shatavari; vidari; jatamansi; garlic; onion; sucanat; ginseng; ghee; milk; banana; 1/2 teaspoon amalaka plus 1 teaspoon ghee plus 1/2 teaspoon honey; 1 teaspoon ashwagunda with 1 cup milk morning and night; gokshur; pippili with fennel; rose; white sugar water; prabhav nasy (1 teaspoon orally)