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A green variety of microcline, often used as a semiprecious stone. Also called amazon stone.

[After the Amazon (River).]


(Minerals) a green variety of microcline used as a gemstone. Formula: KAlSi3O8. Also called: Amazon stone


(ˈæm ə zəˌnaɪt)

a green feldspar, a variety of microcline, used as an ornamental material. Also called Am′azon stone`.
[1595–1605; Amazon (river) + -ite1]
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Glittering strands of beads and overflowing tubs of smoky quartz, moonstone and amazonite gems delighted patrons of the three-day Gem Faire.
Amazonite bead NECKLACE, $49; Neilson's Department Store, 119 Courthouse Square, Oxford, 662.
All attending celebrities, select press and media, and other VIPs will receive Aunt Kitty's Design amazonite bracelet combo in their swag bags.
The Garamantes had many other items to trade with their southern neighbours including foodstuffs, salt, textiles and beadwork in ostrich eggshell, carnelian, amazonite and glass.
One would be amazed seeing his range of collections, made of such precious stones as amazonite, London blue, blue topaz, aquamarine, blue opal and tanzanite among others.
Bracelet with rutilated quartz links (in sodalite, amazonite, mother-of-pearl and more) mounted on semi--precious stone slabs and accented with brilliant-cut white diamonds ($3,200).
I love these bright and cheerful Bola bracelets for PS30 each and this lucky wishbone pendant with Amazonite gemstone for PS50.
A green amazonite protects people against others taking advantage of them and from unfair practices at work.
The company is currently in talk with an anonymous Chinese and Turkish companies interested in deep pit mining for Agate, Amber, Amazonite and Tormaline when the stay on mining licenses in Ethiopia is lifted and also for collaboration for joint venture with the anonymous Chinese and Turkish Companies.
They include amber, turquoise, agate, lapis, amazonite, tiger eye, rose quartz, amethyst and black onyx.
The first necklace Salah bought was made of amazonite and amethyst.
Twenty-three pages at the beginning go all the way back to human beginnings, presenting objects of Brazilian "lithic art," from Paleolithic flint spear points to idols and statuettes smoothed out of gabbro to amazonite and nephrite animal carvings to haunting anthropomorphic figures with globose, stylized faces.