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A woman ambassador. See Usage Note at -ess.


(æmˈbæs ə drɪs)

1. a woman who is an ambassador.
2. the wife of an ambassador.
usage: See -ess.
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Noun1.ambassadress - a woman ambassadorambassadress - a woman ambassador      
ambassador, embassador - a diplomat of the highest rank; accredited as representative from one country to another


(o.f.) [æmˈbæsədrɪs] Nembajadora f


References in classic literature ?
James Harthouse, 'that I doubt if any other ambassador, or ambassadress, could have addressed me with the same success.
The awful thought had come upon her that this ambassadress had come to her as a proxy with a proposal of marriage.
Hareton Earnshaw,' she desired me to be her ambassadress, and convey the present to its destined recipient.
Her usual motive is ambition: if a man can offer her a great position, make her a princess or an ambassadress she may think the compensation sufficient.
A pretty ambassadress is necessary; an agreeable face is better than an ugly one, is it not?
Such qualities, useful and appropriate in a sovereign or an ambassadress, were of little service to a household compelled to jog in the common round.
When the Australian ambassadress protested she, too, received a bouquet of swear words.
During the league's press conference Thursday at CenterStage in Mall of Asia Complex, Chairman Philip Juico and Ambassadress Aby Marano expressed their gratitude to the teams and the visiting players.
Selected candidates of Miss Iloilo Dinagyang 2018 shall serve as tourism ambassadress for Western Visayas, according to the Department of Tourism (DOT)-6.
The Philippines took the center stage anew, as the country's franchising ambassadress and the universally acknowledged Mother of Philippine Franchising Ma.
Watson is also the UN ambassadress to gender equality, and she is hoping people, especially men, would change their perceptions about (http://cms.
Ambassadress Elizabeth Richard with discussions reportedly featuring high on current issues in Lebanon and the region.