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n. pl. amberjack or am·ber·jacks
Any of various food and game fishes of the genus Seriola, found in temperate and tropical marine waters.

[amber + jack, a fish.]


(Animals) any of several large carangid fishes of the genus Seriola, esp S. dumerili, with golden markings when young, occurring in tropical and subtropical Atlantic waters
[C19: from amber + jack1]


(ˈæm bərˌdʒæk)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -jack, (esp. for kinds or species) -jacks.
any of several yellow to coppery carangid fishes of the genus Seriola, as S. dumerili of warm Atlantic waters.
[1890–95; amber (color) + jack (the fish)]
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Noun1.amberjack - any of several amber to coppery fork-tailed warm-water carangid fishes
jack - any of several fast-swimming predacious fishes of tropical to warm temperate seas
genus Seriola, Seriola - a genus of Carangidae
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23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Wood Group's J P Kenny has been awarded a contract to perform detailed design for Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC's Jack/St.
Amberjack will build, own, and operate the pipeline, which will stretch from the Tahiti facility on Green Canyon Block 641 to a Shell platform in Green Canyon Block 19, where it will connect to the existing Amberjack pipeline system and other pipeline infrastructure.
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