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1. Able to use both hands with equal facility.
2. Unusually skillful; adroit.
3. Deceptive or hypocritical.

[Alteration of archaic ambidexter, from Middle English, double dealer, from Medieval Latin : Latin ambi-, on both sides; see ambi- + Latin dexter, right-handed; see deks- in Indo-European roots.]

am′bi·dex′trous·ly adv.
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Stocking a holster that can be worn ambidextrously, like the Eidolon, expands the likelihood of sales without bulking up your inventory unnecessarily.
Consequently, configuring an alliance portfolio ambidextrously when the partners are less related is the optimal choice for a less dependent partner if it wants to avoid being contested by its counterparts in the future.
Temper frays when one cuds over the query: what logic then remains to attack Pakistan army when it has been playing ambidextrously with the US evermore hitting the US interests in the region and elsewhere?
God engages ambidextrously with both hands to rule the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the right hand spiritual strategy and by means of the structures and institutions of public life according to the left hand civil strategy.