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 (ăm′byə-lăk′rəm, -lā′krəm)
n. pl. am·bu·lac·ra (-lăk′rə, -lā′krə)
One of the five radial areas on the undersurface of the starfish and similar echinoderms, from which the tube feet are protruded and withdrawn.

[Latin ambulācrum, walk planted with trees, from ambulāre, to walk; see ambhi in Indo-European roots.]

am′bu·lac′ral adj.
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Adj.1.ambulacral - pertaining to the ambulacra of radial echinodermsambulacral - pertaining to the ambulacra of radial echinoderms
zoological science, zoology - the branch of biology that studies animals
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The dorsal surface of this species is characterized by a series of irregularly positioned papillae of different sizes and shapes (Dendy 1896, Sewell 1987), although the ventral surface is smoother, with the presence of ambulacral podia, or tube feet, which are used for locomotion (Dendy 1896, Sewell 1987).
Legs (Figs 22-25): All legs with ambulacral claws, all setae on legs smooth.