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intr.v. am·bu·lat·ed, am·bu·lat·ing, am·bu·lates
To walk from place to place; move about.

[Latin ambulāre, ambulāt-, to walk; see ambhi in Indo-European roots.]

am′bu·la′tion n.
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Noun1.ambulation - walking aboutambulation - walking about; "the hospital encouraged early ambulation"
walk, walking - the act of traveling by foot; "walking is a healthy form of exercise"


n deambulación f, ambulación f, (el) caminar
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Langhammer and Stanghelle (2010) compared treadmill training without BWS with overground walking in chronic stroke survivors with full-community ambulation.
Herron, MS, LNHA, is President of the GROW Corporation and author of The GROW Program: Returning Residents to Independent Ambulation.
Each product in our line is designed to improve oxygenation, ambulation, and quality of life for patients requiring continuous supplemental oxygen.
8%) completed their ambulation training with axillary crutches within three physiotherapy sessions with 148(75.
Treatment of socially stigmatizing ambulation was implemented during natural transition times in a reversal design and consisted of differential reinforcement of an incompatible response.
It plays an important supporting role every step of the way during the initial stages of a patient's rehabilitation and ambulation training.
Each product is designed to improve oxygenation, ambulation, and quality of life for patients requiring continuous supplemental oxygen.
Technical interventions such as oxytocin augmentation, epidural anesthesia, narcotic analgesia, intravenous fluid, fetal monitoring and episiotomy were used significantly more frequently in the traditional than the collaborative group; less-technical resources (oral fluids or food, ambulation, and tub bath or shower) were used more often in the collaborative group.
If he has a lesion we discontinue ambulation and keep him in the slippers until lesions have resolved.
Restorative-care programs that combine ambulation and eating skills are very popular; the ones that work best normalize the mealtime as an enjoyable experience while also working on restorative goals.
SAN DIEGO -- Emphasizing pain control, early ambulation, and early reintroduction of food after colon resection reduced postoperative lengths of stay and hospital costs at one large public hospital.
The defendant filed a motion for summary judgment accompanied by Nurse Glaser's affidavit stating that she had complied with the applicable standard of professional care while assessing the patient's condition during ambulation.