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tr. & intr.v. a·me·lio·rat·ed, a·me·lio·rat·ing, a·me·lio·rates
To make or become better; improve: Volunteers were able to ameliorate conditions in the refugee camp. Conditions are ameliorating.

[Alteration of meliorate.]

a·mel′io·ra·ble (-rə-bəl) adj.
a·mel′io·ra′tive adj.
a·mel′io·ra′tor n.
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Adj.1.ameliorative - tending to ameliorateameliorative - tending to ameliorate    
bettering - changing for the better
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I did suffer from brain-fag on occasion, but alcohol never suggested itself as an ameliorative.
s lawyerly, theological-ethical acumen, and ameliorative, division-bridging aims especially well.
Millions of Americans are working overtime and not getting paid for it, with ameliorative efforts fraught with uncertainty So-called Right to Work laws are proliferating and weakening unions.
Stuck to the underside, over a removable plug to get the money out, is a sticker which explains that the collecting box was intended to raise money for the grandly titled "Glasgow United Evangelistic Association Evangelistic and Ameliorative Schemes".
The ameliorative effect on hot flashes/night sweats was statistically significant for each of the medications compared to placebo.
Economic improvement could have a tremendous ameliorative impact on society, but this is near impossible without a stable political situation.
3]), which is 172 times less soluble than gypsum under standard conditions, has been suggested as having potential to provide a long-term ameliorative effect in sodic soils (Roth and Pavan 1991; Valzano et al.
Ameliorative effect of vitamins (alpha-tocopherol and ascorbic acid) on PCB (Aroclor 1254) induced oxidative stress in rat epididymal sperm.
In addition, it is seriously influenced by the deterioration of the ecologic- ameliorative condition of land, the lack of incentive for farmers to implement water-saving technologies and failure of necessary reclamation works," the minister said.
15(2), the state must show that the program has an ameliorative or remedial purpose that targets a disadvantaged group identified by an enumerated or analogous ground.
Here Aycock's panoply of references serve the ameliorative aims of public art.
Looking into the second half of the year, amid the increasing rigid and ameliorative housing demand in domestic property market as well as the deepening urbanization movement, the Group is cautiously optimistic about the prospect of the mainland property market.