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Abnormal suppression or absence of menstruation.

[a- + Greek mēn, month; see mē- in Indo-European roots + -rrhea.]

a·men′or·rhe′ic, a·men′or·rhe′al adj.


(æˌmɛnəˈriːɪk; eɪˌmɛnəˈriːɪk)
of or relating to amenorrhea
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Adj.1.amenorrheic - related to the suppression of normal menstrual flow for any reason other than pregnancy
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6,17,18) However, a diet of predominately raw foods is associated with extreme weight loss, leading to suboptimal or underweight and amenorrheic individuals.
3% became amenorrheic, James Liu, MD, reported at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
After the surgery, all amenorrheic patients (n = 9) in both groups resumed menstruation.
Gestation dating is usually no more than a best guess, since women become pregnant while still amenorrheic from breastfeeding their last child.
In a previous study, amenorrheic athletes, even young ones, presented incidence of osteopenia or osteoporosis (6).
Every woman younger than 40 with amenorrheic period is obliged to seek help at the gynecologist office.
dagger]) LAM is a natural, modern contraceptive method, the use of which is based on a woman's meeting the following criteria: having a baby younger than six months, breast-feeding the baby exclusively and remaining amenorrheic.
PCOS was diagnosed according to the Rotterdam criteria: clinical hyperandrogenism and oligo/ amenorrheic cycles; <9 cycles/year; with polycystic ovary (PCO) appearance at ultrasound.
Among the 5380 urban residents, we excluded those not having sex, pregnant women, postpartum amenorrheic, infecund or menopausal women, women having infrequent sex or breastfeeding because they were considered not at risk of using modern contraceptives.
24) Lower oxytocin levels, poor trabecular structure, and poor bone strength compared with controls have also been found in amenorrheic young women with anorexia nervosa and amenorrheic young female athletes.
Re-evaluation of secondary amenorrheic patients one year after initial diagnosis: a prospective study.
34) Important questions to ask all females prior to sport participation is age of menarche and number of menstrual periods in the past 12 months to determine if the athlete eumenorrheic, oligomenorrheic, or amenorrheic.