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n. Chiefly British
Variant of amenorrhea.

a·men′or·rhoe′ic, a·men′or·rhoe′al adj.
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Adj.1.amenorrhoeic - related to the suppression of normal menstrual flow for any reason other than pregnancy
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14,44) This can lead to deleterious effects skewed toward amenorrhoeic (19) and bone health challenges that accompany the female athlete triad and the relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S).
Menopausal women, amenorrhoeic women, pregnant, lactating women, infertile women or taking medications that would affect blood pressure, carbohydrate or lipid metabolism, oral contraceptives.
Inappropriately low levels of gonadotropins in amenorrhoeic women with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cirrhosis.
Blood samples were taken on days 2-4 of a spontaneous menstrual cycle or on a random day for those who were oligomenorrheic or amenorrhoeic and then again within five days after the end of the one-month study period.
7%) women had enhancement in ovulatory and menstrual cyclicity (4(50%) amenorrhoeic women regained a cycle, 3(37.
She also complained of dryness of the vagina which causes her some discomfort from time to time, and has been amenorrhoeic from about three months after the start of chemotherapy.
Jones, "Displaced stress fracture of the femoral neck in an active amenorrhoeic adolescent," British Journal of Sports Medicine, vol.
A urine pregnancy test was performed prior to clinical examination if the patient had been amenorrhoeic for more than a month and/or was not using contraception.
However, in the absence of breastfeeding, the average amenorrhoeic period may last 1-3 months (11,12).
The cardiovascular effects of chronic hypoestrogenism in amenorrhoeic athletes: a critical review.
42) showed high levels of ghrelin in amenorrhoeic women indicate an energy deficit.
At her next clinic visit she was still amenorrhoeic.