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 (ăm′ənt, ā′mənt)
See catkin.

[Latin āmentum, strap.]


(ˈæmənt; ˈeɪmənt)
(Botany) another name for catkin Also called: amentum
[C18: from Latin āmentum strap, thong]
ˌamenˈtaceous adj
ˌamenˈtiferous adj


(æˈmɛnt; ˈeɪmənt)
(Psychiatry) psychiatry a mentally deficient person
[C19: from Latin āment-, āmens without mind; see amentia]


(ˈkæt kɪn)

a spike of unisexual flowers with scaly bracts and no petals, as on the willow or birch.
Also called ament.
[1570–80; < Dutch katteken little cat (now obsolete)]
cat′kin•ate` (-kəˌneɪt) adj.
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Noun1.ament - a cylindrical spikelike inflorescenceament - a cylindrical spikelike inflorescence
inflorescence - the flowering part of a plant or arrangement of flowers on a stalk
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