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 (ā-mĕn′shə, -shē-ə)
Severe intellectual disability. This term belongs to a classification system no longer in use.

[Latin āmentia, mental derangement, from āmēns, āment-, out of one's mind, mentally deranged : ā-, ab-, out of; see ab-1 + mēns, mind; see men- in Indo-European roots.]


(Medicine) severe mental deficiency, usually congenital. Compare dementia
[C14: from Latin: insanity, from āmēns mad, from mēns mind]


(eɪˈmɛn ʃə, əˈmɛn-)

severe mental retardation.
[1350–1400; < Latin, =āment-, s. of āmēns mad (ā- a-4 + mēns mind) + -ia -ia]


1. a congenital condition of low intelligence.
2. a form of temporary insanity. Cf. dementia.
See also: Insanity
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Noun1.amentia - extreme mental retardation
backwardness, mental retardation, subnormality, slowness, retardation - lack of normal development of intellectual capacities
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includes on the one hand the whole domain of the so-called periodic and circular insanity, on the other hand simple mania, the greater part of the morbid states termed melancholia and also a not inconsiderable number of cases of amentia.
While in principle this would lead to classifying individuals in a permanent vegetative state as dead, we currently lack the diagnostic and prognostic ability to reliably determine when irreversible amentia occurs across the spectrum of PVS cases.
Via a special agreement with RACSA, local TV/cable companies Amentia and Cable Color provide higher speed access to selected residential areas.