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tr.v. a·merced, a·merc·ing, a·merc·es Law
To punish by fine or other penalty.

[Middle English amercen, from Anglo-Norman amercier, from à merci, at the mercy of : à, to (from Latin ad; see ad-) + merci, mercy (from Latin mercēs, wages).]

a·merce′a·ble adj.
a·merce′ment n.

amercement, amerciament

1. punishment or penalty applied at the discretion of a court or other authority, as contrasted with a penalty predetermined by statute.
2. the imposing of such a penalty. — amercer, n.
See also: Punishment
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Noun1.amercement - money extracted as a penaltyamercement - money extracted as a penalty  
penalty - a payment required for not fulfilling a contract
library fine - fine imposed by a library on books that overdue when returned


A sum of money levied as punishment for an offense:
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The ship North Islands was wrecked off Llollea near San Antonio, Chile on September 7th 1997 In medieval times Cargo Fleet was known as Kaldecotes, situated at the point where Marton and Ormesby becks joined the Tees According to Middlesbrough FC folklore, the idea for forming the club was suggested during a tripe supper in the Corporation Hotel - although this has been disputed The small town of Skelton-in-Cleveland is made up of North Skelton, Skelton Green, Old Skelton and New Skelton In 1180 the town of Marske was amerced (fined) 20 marks for its part in pillaS ging a Norwegian vessel
20-22 (1215) (providing that an individual "shall not be amerced for a slight offence, except in accordance with the degree of the offense").
28) Some streetmasters probably had an unenviable task: the one for the marketstead frequently amerced for failing to maintain the cleanliness of le beast markett, le markettsted, and le backlane, probably because of the sheer difficulty of ensuring its cleanliness as much as his own dilatoriness.