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1. A purple or violet form of transparent quartz used as a gemstone.
2. A purple variety of corundum used as a gemstone.
3. A moderate purple to grayish reddish purple.

[Middle English amatist, from Old French, from Latin amethystus, from Greek amethustos, not drunk or intoxicating, remedy for intoxication, amethyst : a-, not; see a-1 + methuskein, to intoxicate (from methuein, to be drunk, from methu, wine; see medhu- in Indo-European roots).]

am′e·thys′tine (-thĭs′tĭn, -tīn′) adj.
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Adj.1.amethystine - containing or resembling amethystamethystine - containing or resembling amethyst  
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For the last three or four miles the road ran along the extreme precipitous verge of cliffs that sloped, a giant's wall of grassy mountain, right away down to a dreamy amethystine floor of sea, miles and miles, as it seemed, below.
au/discover-nature-at-jcu/animals/reptiles-and-amphibians-by-scientific-name/morelia-amethistina) official website of the James Cook University , the scrub python which is also known as the amethystine python, is the largest snake found in Australia.
UV spectrums obtained from fungus samples after the completion of the reactions showed that the amethystine solution of Phoma macrostoma fungus and rhizopus fungus formed strong attraction bonds in various wavelengths.
Other pythons in the Everglades--often misidentified as Burmese pythons--include reticulated, African rock, Indian, amethystine and scrub pythons.
Presl Mora RUBIACEAE Palicourea amethystine Gallinero Arbusto 24 (R.
Colorless, amethystine and smoky quartz, as well as chalcedony, occur commonly in the bottom half of zone 4 of the lower and middle amygdaloids.
Matthew recalled: "I had an eight-foot amethystine python in the coconut tree in my backyard of my house and a six-foot garden python in my shed.
Writing about the 1931 High Trip, Adams unwittingly exposed this paradox in his figurative writing for, in preparing a fire, "you are aware of the rich magic of the Sierra dusk; the world flames with consuming fiery light and quickly smoulders to ashes of cold and amethystine gray.
This is a Paradise--at the end you see the Tusk [sic] mountain and no others with an outline of surpassing beauty, and if such an evening as I had a light over them that bears you to the seventh heaven--I shall never forget the amethystine glow--that filled the whole atmosphere and tinged the silvery rocks of Maam Turk with ineffable loveliness--but every prismatic colour was visible on the mountains all softened by this violet sort of smile'.
Nicky Adams gets a four- day ban from the Brighton stewards for his riding of Amethystine (Ron Hodges), who finishes fourth, but is subsequently disqualified behind Tarn Pure (Charlie Moore/Brian Rouse) in the 10-furlong handicap.
Top left, Boots No17 two coat Lip & Mix Lip Shine in Amethystine with Lipshine Clear (pounds 2.