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n. pl. a·mi·gos
A friend.

[Spanish, from Latin amīcus.]


(æˈmiːɡəʊ; ə-)
n, pl -gos
a friend; comrade
[Spanish, from Latin amicus]


(əˈmi goʊ, ɑˈmi-)

n., pl. -gos.
a male friend.
[1830–40, Amer.; < Sp < Latin amīcus]
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Noun1.amigo - a friend or comradeamigo - a friend or comrade      
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
friend - a person you know well and regard with affection and trust; "he was my best friend at the university"


A person whom one knows well, likes, and trusts:
Informal: bud, buddy.
Slang: sidekick.
References in classic literature ?
But my name, amigo, Henry Allegre had taken from me like all the rest of what I had been once.
venha ao levar para Lourenzo Marquez, que o meu amigo
Horses Lucien and Amigo have made themselves so much at home that they've become a part of family life for Sharon Taylor, partner Kenny Lomax and her sons James, 25, Marcus, 20, and Connor, 15.
Heat 3: 1 Lodgefield Start, 2 Puddens Lad, 3 Ferdia Oscar, 4 Green Amigo, 5 Tarbrook Tornado (w), 6 Pay The Lolly (w).
James Benamor, chief executive of Amigo Loans, said: "There are too many talented business people struggling to get by in the first job they can get.
The recalled Amigo models were produced between 1998 and 2001, and the Rodeo Sport models are from the 2002 model year.
Natalia said Fernando approached her with the idea of opening El Amigo with the severance pay he received from Icicle Seafoods, which laid him off after Trident Seafoods bought the business in early August.
We are the first centre in the world to use this new Amigo system and hence the first to be able to combine the two cutting edge technologies together for the ablation procedure," he added.
Fundada em uma cultura arcaica e de tracos regionais, a arte de trovar cantigas de amigo remonta as tradicoes folcloricas peninsulares (Saraiva e Lopes 56).
The company will tack on another 8,000 square meters of fairgrounds in 2007, says Amigo.
It also planned to open three new-build Amigo stores by the de spring.
Confidently ridden last time by Jimmy Quinn, Amigo led inside the final furlong to deny Ascair and can repeat the trick over the same course and distance tomorrow.