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 (ā′mĭs), Sir Kingsley William 1922-1995.
British writer best known for his novels, including Lucky Jim (1954) and The Old Devils (1986).


1. (Biography) Sir Kingsley. 1922–95, British novelist and poet, noted for his novels Lucky Jim (1954), Jake's Thing (1978), Stanley and the Women (1984), The Old Devils (1986), and The Folks that Live on the Hill (1990)
2. (Biography) his son, Martin. born 1949, British novelist. His works include The Rachel Papers (1974), Money (1984), London Fields (1989), The Information (1994),Yellow Dog (2003), and Lionel Asbo: State of England (2012)


(ˈeɪ mɪs)

Sir Kingsley, 1922–95, English novelist.
References in classic literature ?
She was always taking little houses for somebody's good, for the sick or the sorry, for broken-down artists, cleaned- out gamblers, temporarily unlucky speculators - VIEUX AMIS - old friends, as she used to explain apologetically, with a shrug of her fine shoulders.
Nous serons toujours bons amis, and if you win again, do not fail to come to me, et tu seras heureux.
Even if he should not be so, he will not come amiss, since, in the first place, he has his pension, and, in the second place, he will be content to live in a back room; whereas I shall be Madame General, and get into a good circle of society" (she was always thinking of this) "and become a Russian chatelaine.
camarades, there is no drop of French blood in my body, and I am a true English bowman, Samkin Aylward by name; and I tell you, mes amis, that it warms my very heart-roots to set my feet on the dear old land once more.
I doubt it not, mon ami," quoth the archer, going back to his tankard.
Qu'ils meurent pleins de jours, que leur mort soit pleuree, Qu'un ami leur ferme les yeux
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