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 (ə-mŭng′) also a·mongst (ə-mŭngst′)
1. In the midst of; surrounded by: a pine tree among cedars.
2. In the group, number, or class of: She is among the wealthy.
3. In the company of; in association with: traveling among a group of tourists.
4. By many or the entire number of; with many: a custom popular among the Greeks.
5. By the joint action of: Among us, we will finish the job.
6. With portions to each of: Distribute this among you.
7. With or against one another: Don't fight among yourselves. See Usage Note at between.

[Middle English, from Old English āmang : ā, in; see a-2 + gemang, throng; see mag- in Indo-European roots.]


(əˈmʌŋ) or


1. in the midst of: he lived among the Indians.
2. to each of: divide the reward among yourselves.
3. in the group, class, or number of: ranked among the greatest writers.
4. taken out of (a group): he is only one among many.
5. with one another within a group; by the joint action of: a lot of gossip among the women employees; decide it among yourselves.
[Old English amang, contracted from on gemang in the group of, from on + gemang crowd; see mingle, mongrel]
Usage: See at between



1. in, into, or through the midst of; surrounded by: She was among friends.
2. in the midst of, so as to influence: missionary work among the local people.
3. with a share for each of: Divide the fruit among you.
4. in the class or group of: That is among the things we must do.
5. with most or many of: a candidate popular among the people.
6. by the joint or reciprocal action of: Settle it among yourselves. They quarreled among themselves.
7. familiar to or characteristic of: a proverb among the Spanish.
[before 1000; Middle English; Old English amang, onmang for on gemang, on gemonge (dat. of gemong crowd, akin to mengan to mix) in (the) group (of); akin to mingle]
usage: See between.


1. groups

If you are among a group of people or things, you are surrounded by them.

Dev wandered among his guests.
Among his baggage was a medicine chest.

Be Careful!
Don't say that you are 'among' two people or things. You say that you are between them.

Myra and Barbara sat in the back, the baby between them.
The island is midway between São Paulo and Porto Alegre.

The form amongst is sometimes used, but is more formal than among.

The old farmhouse was hidden amongst orchards.
2. dividing

You can say that something is divided among or between a group of people. There is no difference in meaning.

He divided his money among his brothers and sisters.
Different scenes from the play are divided between five couples.

The form amongst is sometimes used, but is more formal than among.

I heard that flour was being distributed amongst the citizens.
3. differences

Be Careful!
Don't use 'among' when you are talking about differences. Don't say, for example, 'I couldn't see any difference among the three chairs'. You say 'I couldn't see any difference between the three chairs'.

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1. in the midst of, with, together with, in the middle of, amid, surrounded by, amidst, in the thick of They walked among the crowds in the large town square.
2. in the group of, one of, part of, included in, in the company of, in the class of, in the number of Among the speakers was the new American ambassador.
3. between, to Most of the furniture was distributed among friends.
4. with one another, mutually, by all of, by the whole of, by the joint action of The directors have been arguing amongst themselves.
meziuprostředv rámci
á meîalá milli, innan um
... 사이에~사이에
ở giữatrong số


[əˈmʌŋ] amongst [əˈmʌŋst] PREPentre, en medio de
from among(st)de entre
among(st) the Yanomami it is deemed a virtueentre los yanomami se considera una virtud
he is among(st) those whoes de los que ...
it is not among(st) the names I haveno figura entre los nombres que tengo
this is among(st) the possibilitiesésa es una de las posibilidades
they quarrelled among(st) themselvesriñeron entre sí
one can say that among(st) friendseso se puede decir entre amigos
share it among(st) yourselvesrepartíoslo entre vosotros


[əˈmʌŋ] amongst [əˈmʌŋst] prep
(= surrounded by) → parmi
We stood there among piles of wooden boxes → Nous nous tenions là parmi les caisses en bois.
They walked among the crowd
BUT Ils marchaient au milieu de la foule.
(= included in) → parmi
Among his purchases were several books → Parmi ses achats, il y avait plusieurs livres.
A British man was among those arrested
BUT Un Britannique faisait partie des personnes arrêtées.
(= with) [+ group of people] → parmi
The pub is popular among students → Le pub est populaire auprès des étudiants.
(= between) [share, distribute] → entre
among themselves → entre eux
They were talking among themselves → Ils parlaient entre eux.


prepunter (+acc or dat); among other thingsunter anderem; she had sung with Madonna among otherssie hatte unter anderem mit Madonna gesungen; to stand among the crowd(mitten) in der Menge stehen; they shared it out among themselvessie teilten es unter sich or untereinander auf; talk among yourselvesunterhaltet euch; settle that among yourselvesmacht das untereinander aus; he’s among our best playerser gehört zu unseren besten Spielern; Manchester is among the largest of our citiesManchester gehört zu unseren größten Städten; to count somebody among one’s friendsjdn zu seinen Freunden zählen; this habit is widespread among the Frenchdiese Sitte ist bei den Franzosen weitverbreitet; there were ferns among the treeszwischen den Bäumen wuchs Farnkraut; to hide among the bushessich in den Büschen verstecken


[əˈmʌŋ] amongst [əˈmʌŋst] preptra, fra, in mezzo a
among friends → tra amici
he is among those who ... → fa parte di quelli che..., è uno di quelli che...
share it among yourselves → dividetevelo tra (di) voi
among other things → tra l'altro, tra le altre cose



(əˈmaŋ(st)) preposition
1. in the middle of. a house among the trees.
2. in shares or parts to each person (in a group etc). Divide the chocolate amongst you.

see also between.


بَيْـنَ, وَسْط mezi, v rámci blandt unter ανάμεσα, μεταξύ entre joukossa, keskenään parmi među tra, fra ・・・の中で ... 사이에, ~사이에 onder, te midden van blant pomiędzy, wśród entre посреди, среди bland, inom ท่ามกลาง arasında ở giữa, trong số 在...之中, 在…范围内
References in classic literature ?
If anything was to happen to me, I don't want the Norwegians holding inquisitions over me to see whether I'm good enough to be laid amongst 'em.
Captives against our wills, have we been brought amongst you; and we ask but permission to depart to our own in peace.
We were then in a dangerous, helpless situation, exposed daily to perils and death amongst savages and wild beasts, not a white man in the country but ourselves.
Now, see: under those seven gables, at which we now look up, --and which old Colonel Pyncheon meant to be the house of his descendants, in prosperity and happiness, down to an epoch far beyond the present,--under that roof, through a portion of three centuries, there has been perpetual remorse of conscience, a constantly defeated hope, strife amongst kindred, various misery, a strange form of death, dark suspicion, unspeakable disgrace, --all, or most of which calamity I have the means of tracing to the old Puritan's inordinate desire to plant and endow a family.
I shall do better amongst other faces; and these familiar ones, it need hardly be said, will do just as well without me.
Nor, though placed amongst a ruthless crew and every hour passed by ruthless hands, and through the livelong nights shrouded with thick darkness which might cover any pilfering approach, nevertheless every sunrise found the doubloon where the sunset left it last.
Pretty soon, various kinds of bugs and ants and worms and things began to flock in out of the wet and crawl down in- side my armor to get warm; and while some of them behaved well enough, and snuggled up amongst my clothes and got quiet, the majority were of a restless, uncomfortable sort, and never stayed still, but went on prowling and hunting for they did not know what; especially the ants, which went tickling along in wearisome procession from one end of me to the other by the hour, and are a kind of creatures which I never wish to sleep with again.
The last blast was peculiarly strong one, and after the small rubbish was done raining around us and we were just going to shake hands over our deliverance, a later and larger stone came down amongst our little group of pedestrians and wrecked an umbrella.
Pretty soon I heard a twig snap down in the dark amongst the trees -- something was a stirring.
Of course that didn't go for much THERE, amongst all those big foreigners from other systems, as they hadn't heard of Shakespeare or Homer either, but it would amount to considerable down there on our little earth if they could know about it.
There's an old rusty pick over amongst the weeds in the corner the other side of the fireplace -- I saw it a minute ago.
You see, the trouble was, you couldn't divide up two di'monds amongst three.