amor patriae

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amor patriae

(ˈæmɔː ˈpætrɪˌiː)
love of one's country; patriotism

a•mor pa•tri•ae

(ˈɑ moʊr ˈpɑ triˌaɪ; Eng. ˈeɪ mɔr ˈpeɪ triˌi)

n. Latin.
love of one's country; patriotism.
References in classic literature ?
They went in; and while the sleek, welltied parcels of "Men's Beavers" and "York Tan" were bringing down and displaying on the counter, he said"But I beg your pardon, Miss Woodhouse, you were speaking to me, you were saying something at the very moment of this burst of my amor patriae.
The Edgeworths explicitly define their liminal association with Ireland: "As we were neither born nor bred in Ireland, we cannot be supposed to possess this amor patriae in its full force: we profess to be attached to the country only for its merits.