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Noun1.amora - one of a group of rabbis (active AD 250-500) who discussed the Mishnaic law in the law schools of Palestine and Mesopotamia where they explained and applied earlier teachings and whose discussions are recorded in the Talmud; they emphasized the study of Torah and the importance of personal action and the fulfillment of the commandments
rabbi - spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation; qualified to expound and apply Jewish law
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Finally, crowd pleaser Hotelier' Unsung Hero of the Year was awarded to Mary June Amora, Hotel Staff Nurse, Doha Marriott.
Literatura lesbica que sigue y da vigencia a la iniciada en Mexico por la narradora y poeta Rosamaria Roffiel con la novela Amora en los anos ochenta.
It was the same story for Moore's conditional Eamon Dehdashti, as Adecco rooted the last after an otherwise immaculate round of jumping to thwart course specialist River Amora.
French's Tabasco Amora Maille Blue Dragon Elsenham La Favorite Bar-B-Bar Krisprolls Conimex Zest
He added that Amora Maille would raise Unilever's share of the European market from 9 to 12%.
For example, with the squeezy sauce bottles that Amora produce in France, which are very soft and unstable, the Robot loads the bottles into cases row by row and the Pickup Head picks the bottles up from between guide rails; this enables the machine to overcome the problems of stability and back pressure.
Unilever is to Acquire Amora Maille, one of Europe's Leading Culinary Products Businesses, for (approx) U.
Other benefits of the ASEAN integration were also tackled by Pablito Budoy of the Department of Trade and Industry; Caroline Zovella from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Ronald Amora from DSWD-4A.
The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) nabbed the suspected gunman behind the killing of Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) regional director Jonas Amora.
Jacinto-Henares, Makati Revenue Regional Director Jonas DP Amora said LBC-Express-SMM, Inc.
os teores de fibras brutas de amora assemelharam-se aos valores descritos por Araujo (2009), para polpa de amora-preta cv.