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1. Full of or strongly disposed to romantic love.
2. Indicative of love or sexual desire: an amorous glance.
3. Of or associated with love: an amorous poem.
4. Being in love; enamored: He had been amorous of her since the day they met.

[Middle English, from Old French amoureus, from Medieval Latin amōrōsus, from Latin amor, love, from amāre, to love.]

am′or·ous·ly adv.
am′or·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.amorousness - a feeling of love or fondnessamorousness - a feeling of love or fondness  
love - a strong positive emotion of regard and affection; "his love for his work"; "children need a lot of love"
2.amorousness - the arousal of feelings of sexual desireamorousness - the arousal of feelings of sexual desire
concupiscence, physical attraction, sexual desire, eros - a desire for sexual intimacy
carnality, lasciviousness, lubricity, prurience, pruriency - feeling morbid sexual desire or a propensity to lewdness


The passionate affection and desire felt by lovers for each other:
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In the Shunga period the depiction of maithuna or amorousness of humans and of animals may have some fertility significance, but the one belonging to the Kushana period exhibits similarities with Amaravati reliefs in its style and sophistication of content.
The natural elements of the sexual relation serve as necessary givens for the moral problem of this transmutation: (1) carnal attraction, (2) amorousness, (3) childbearing.
The eroticization of Gawain's disloyalty also recalls stereotypical Trojan amorousness.
With scarcely less amorousness he sketched a small still-life of six onions and a head of garlic displaying their flaky obesity on a kitchen towel.
Although Venus is connected to amorousness it has other qualities too, not least, giving us an appreciation of anything slightly naughty.