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Any of a large group of structurally similar silicate minerals, such as hornblende, that have a crystalline structure consisting of a double chain of linked SiO4 units and that contain various combinations of sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and aluminum. Several varieties of asbestos are fibrous forms of amphiboles.

[French, from Late Latin amphibolus, ambiguous, from Greek amphibolos, doubtful, from amphiballein, to throw on either side : amphi-, amphi- + ballein, to throw; see gwelə- in Indo-European roots.]

am′phi·bol′ic (-bŏl′ĭk) adj.
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Generally, the stratigraphic base displays metamorphic rocks from the Cajamarca complex varying between amphibolic green schists, graphitic schists, phyllites and locally marble whose protolith age has been assigned to the early Palaeozoic (Figure 2).