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Any of numerous small, chiefly aquatic crustaceans of the order Amphipoda, such as the beach flea, having a laterally compressed body with no carapace.

[From New Latin Amphipoda, order name : amphi- + New Latin -poda, -pod.]


(Animals) any marine or freshwater crustacean of the order Amphipoda, such as the sand hoppers, in which the body is laterally compressed: subclass Malacostraca
(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Amphipoda


(ˈæm fəˌpɒd)

any small, flat-bodied crustacean of the order Amphipoda, having one set of limbs adapted for swimming and another for hopping, as the beach fleas and sand hoppers.
[1825–35; < New Latin Amphipoda; see amphi-, -pod]
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Noun1.amphipod - a kind of malacostracan crustaceanamphipod - a kind of malacostracan crustacean  
malacostracan crustacean - a major subclass of crustaceans
Amphipoda, order Amphipoda - small flat-bodied semiterrestrial crustaceans: whale lice; sand-hoppers; skeleton shrimp
beach flea, sand flea, sand hopper, sandhopper - small amphipod crustaceans that hop like fleas; common on ocean beaches
skeleton shrimp - small amphipod crustacean having a grotesque form suggestive of the praying mantis; found chiefly on seaweed
whale louse - amphipod crustacean parasitic on cetaceans
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In the current study we experimentally manipulated the presence of the filamentous macroalga Cladophora glomerata, the invasive amphipod Gammarus tigrinus, the native prawn P.
Key Regions - Americas - APAC - EMEAKey Vendors - Amphipod - FuelBelt - Nathan Sports - Ultimate DirectionOther Prominent Vendors - CamelBak Products - Decathlon - Fitletic - Salomon - The North FaceMarket Driver - Rise in Population of Runners - For a full, detailed list, view our reportMarket Challenge - High Price of Branded Hydration Belts - For a full, detailed list, view our reportMarket Trend - Advances in Technology - For a full, detailed list, view our reportKey Questions Answered in this Report - What will the market size be in 2019 and what will the growth rate be?
Now, a preserved amphipod is housed at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History for future study.
Crangonidae Pink shrimp Pandalus eous Pandalidae Dungeness crab Cancer magister Cancridae Unidentified jellyfish Class Scyphozoa Dock shrimp Pandalus danae Pandalidae Unidentified copepod Subclass Copepoda Pacific glass shrimp Pasiphaea pacifica Pasiphaeidae Unidentified amphipod Order Gammeridea Unidentified Pandalid Pandalus sp.
has been recognized as a major response in fish to acid stress levels [10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17] and also reported in Amphipod Gammarus fossarum [18, 19, 20] and found in aquatic insect Hydropsyche pellucidula (Trichoptera) and Dinocras cephalotes (Plecoptera) [20].
Caption: The clear bell of a gelatinous hydrozoan is a floating home for a jelly-rider called a hyperiid amphipod (top).
The endangered Kauai cave wolf spider (Adelocosa anops) feeds on the equally endangered Kauai cave amphipod (Spelaeorchestia koloana).
New Zealand scientists named the new species of sand-hoppers as "tutus" which means "safe" while the new amphipod genus is Bryoconverson which means "living in Bryozoa.
Specifically, owing to elevated eutrophication the mud crab finds plentiful food sources in Parnu Bay either in the form of a high filamentous macroalgal cover or dense bivalve and amphipod populations.
The topics include Caprella takedai, a new species of caprellid amphipod from off Ito, the east coast of Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka, Japan; the first zoea of Porcellanopagurus truncatifrons Takeda, 1981 (Decapoda, Anomura, Paguridae) described from laboratory-hatched material; remarkable zoeas of two species of deep-sea spider crabs; additional species of deep-sea pontoniine shrimps from Taiwan, with a description of one new species; and Griffinia takedai, a new species of deep-sea majoid crab from the Philippines.
The vents on Mount Dent also thronged with the new shrimp, along with a snake-like fish, an unknown species of snail and a flea-like crustacean called an amphipod.