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 (ăm′fə-thē′ə-tər, ăm′pə-)
1. An oval or circular structure having tiers of seats rising gradually outward from a central open space or arena.
2. Geology A level area surrounded by upward sloping ground.
3. An upper, sloping gallery with seats for spectators, as in a theater or operating room.

[Middle English amphitheatre, from Latin amphitheātrum, from Greek amphitheātron : amphi-, amphi- + theātron, theater; see theater.]

am′phi·the·at′ric (-ăt′rĭk), am′phi·the·at′ri·cal adj.
am′phi·the·at′ri·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.amphitheatric - of or related to an amphitheateramphitheatric - of or related to an amphitheater  
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At the highest point of the caldera, the village of Imerovigli boasts amphitheatric views of the entire island of Santorini from the top point of the village of Oia, to the capital Fira, down to the prehistoric town of Akrotiri and out toward the remaining small islands which together comprise the municipality of Santorini.
A ramp and an arc of stone amphitheatric stairs take you from street level to the first lower plane of ground, and from there again similar devices lead gently down to the entrance court.