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adj. am·pler, am·plest
1. Of large or great size, amount, extent, or capacity: an ample living room. See Synonyms at spacious.
2. Fully sufficient to meet a need or purpose: had ample food for the party; was given ample time to decide. See Synonyms at plentiful.
3. Plump or bulky: "Her ample body was not the desired shape in a culture of thinness" (Pamela E. Klassen).

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin amplus.]

am′ple·ness n.
am′ply (-plē) adv.
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Noun1.ampleness - the property of being more than sufficientampleness - the property of being more than sufficient; comfortable sufficiency; "the ampleness of her servings more than satisfied his hunger"
adequacy, sufficiency - the quality of being sufficient for the end in view; "he questioned the sufficiency of human intelligence"
2.ampleness - the property of impressive largeness in sizeampleness - the property of impressive largeness in size; "he admired the ampleness of its proportions"
bigness, largeness - the property of having a relatively great size
References in classic literature ?
But she did not allow her inward apprehensions to rob her of the advantage of venerable placidity conferred upon her outward person by her triple chin, the floating ampleness of her ancient form, and the impotent condition of her legs.
His goodness of mind was only excelled by his goodness of character, whose ampleness and magnanimity was not narrowed or ruffled by anything.
The ampleness of the foreign implication in Syria's conflict will be revealed within the coming days.