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 (ăm-po͝ol′ə, -pŭl′ə)
n. pl. am·pul·lae (-po͝ol′ē, -pŭl′ē)
1. A nearly round bottle with two handles used by the ancient Romans for wine, oil, or perfume.
2. Ecclesiastical A vessel for consecrated wine or holy oil.
3. Anatomy A small dilatation in a canal or duct, especially one in the semicircular canal of the ear.

[Middle English, from Old English, from Latin, diminutive of amphora; see amphora.]

am·pul′lar adj.
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Adj.1.ampullar - of or related to an ampullaampullar - of or related to an ampulla    
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
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26; n = 12) of the ampullar contraction-dilatation cycle concomitant with hemolymph flow in ascidians (Mukai et al.
It has been reported the ampullar enlargement is nearly 4.
It is usually absent from epididymal semen but is present in ejaculated and sometimes also in ampullar semen (Humphrey and Mann, 1949).
The left tube contained a mass measuring approximately 5*6 cm in ampullar portion and was intact (Figure 1).
Trophoblastic tissue was reported in pathologic exam of sample sent from tubal ampullar lumen.
With a diagnosis of heterotopic pregnancy (Figure 3), laparotomy was carried out, finding ruptured ampullar right ectopic pregnancy, gravid uterus augmented in size for eight weeks, right salpingectomy was performed without complications; ultrasound monitoring indicated proper fetal growth.
It was determined that the patient was treated with methotrexate for right tubal ampullar pregnancy one and half year ago.
In the presented patient the main risk factor was the Mondini's dysplasia, which is a developmental anomaly of the middle ear characterized by cochlear malformation with dilation of the vestibular aquaduct, vestibule and ampullar ends of the semicircular canals (7).
1,11) The main problem at the time of examination of the ampullar adenoma is the necessity to distinguish the lesion from the carcinoma in which there is a threat of lymphatic nodules infiltration indicating PDE.
Storage of spermatozoa in the ampullar or distal part of the vas deferens has also been described (Hib et al.
Lipids fill certain ampullar dilations of the dorsal plate and intercellular spaces in the ventral plate.