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also am·track  (ăm′trăk′)
A small, flatbottom amphibious vehicle that moves by means of finned tracks and is used to carry troops from ship to shore.


(ˈæmˌtræk) or


an amphibious tracked vehicle used primarily by the military for shore landings
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This is where local MB dealer Amtrac Abdelmassih Trading comes into the picture, suggesting the idea of utilising the sandstone stockpile to Platinum Concrete.
Most of the Volvo machines are working for 14 hours a day, seven days a week, and were supplied by Amtrac together with a service agreement.
1ST AND 3RD AMTRACS VIETNAM June 23-26, Swansboro, NC, Contact: Fred Davidson, Ph: 410-819-8774, Email: fdamd44@aol.
TMTA will be a valuable member of AMTRAC as the other AMTRAC members can learn how it has succeeded in achieving the right balance of medical skills and expertise blended with its legendary Thai hospitality to succeed in promoting Thailand as a premiere medical travel destination to the rest of the world.
A few moments later, a fireball produced by the impact of the API bullet appeared on the AMTRAC hull just above the top-left corner of the small access door.
Amtrac secured the tender by pitching the L110F as a versatile and multi-purpose machine for feeding the various sorting lines and loading trucks with material to either process or dump in the on-site landfill.
I glanced at my fellow machine gunner across the amtrac.
There were several knocked-out Marine tanks along with many disabled amtracs.
Lebanese Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) dealer, Amtrac, has delivered an L110F wheel loader as part of an upgrade to the waste disposal systems in Lebanon's Zahle municipality, following a competitive tender that concluded in January 2016.
The enemy set off a bomb as the amtrac rolled over it.
Keep your heads down going in on the amtrac [amphibious tractor].