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also am·track  (ăm′trăk′)
A small, flatbottom amphibious vehicle that moves by means of finned tracks and is used to carry troops from ship to shore.


(ˈæmˌtræk) or


an amphibious tracked vehicle used primarily by the military for shore landings
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Today, MISIT(TM) claims more than 9,000 airports as part of its database; the most recent update adds new public transportation services, including Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), NJ Transit, New York's subways and Amtrack, among others.
Information on Amtrack Cascades' regular service routes is online at www.
Informed and informative, Of special note are the succinct biographies of key people involved with the development of the railroad in Michigan, as well as the information about the post-WWI collapse of major Michigan railroad lines and the creation of Amtrack and Conrail in Michigan.
Local police have locked down Boston and several adjacent towns, suspending all public transportation and Amtrack services until further notice.
Royal Caribbean, (132) the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division, reversed a trend prevailing in the Southern District that, based upon Amtrack "'Sunset Limited," (133) precluded punitive damages in maritime actions for personal injury except upon a showing of intentional wrongdoing.
He spoke in support of a proposal by Amtrack to construct a tunnel between Manhattan and New Jersey beneath the Hudson River.
Although the USPS is often mistaken for a government-owned corporation such as Amtrack, it is an independent branch of the federal government; it is controlled by a board of governors and a postmaster general and it is regulated by the Postal Regulatory Commission.
It was a big Amtrack train and I am glad to say it had a very good toilets.
Consequently alternatives involving other agencies, such as Amtrack and the Department of the Interior, were neglected (Brinkley, 2006; Marek, 2006a).
The largest casualty in the region to date has been Amtrack in Aldridge while even the exposed financial and property sectors in the region have only trimmed around the edges as they cut their cloth accordingly.
He was an avid New York Yankee fan and enjoyed trains, especially Amtrack rides to Boston with his grandchildren.
Vertical separation cases and projects identified in main OECD countries Gas and Telecoms electricity Railroad USA Several states Amtrack *** (California .