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An amygdule.

[From Latin amygdala, almond; see amygdala.]


(əˈmɪɡdeɪl) or


(Geological Science) a vesicle in a volcanic rock, formed from a bubble of escaping gas, that has become filled with light-coloured minerals, such as quartz and calcite
[C19: from Greek: almond]
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sup][21] Hyperactivity of the amygdale has been found in high neuroticism individuals in the face of negative stimuli.
28] Orexinergic neurons were widely distributed in lateral hypothalamus, perifornical area, and dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus with their projections widely sent throughout the nervous system like the amygdale, bed nucleus of stria terminalis, and hippocampus.
Otherwise, the Behavioral Inhibition System (BIS), characterized by a decrease in HR and SCR, is constituted by a reticular neuronal structure including Amygdale and the hippocampal septum system.
Different studies showed increased expression of CRF-BP in the amygdale, anterior pituitary and portal circulation follo wing increased CRF release (Van Den Eede et al.
These complex circuits include the hippocampus, cerebral cortex, ventral, dorsal striatum, mPFC, VTA area and amygdale (2).
There is considerably reduced nodal betweenness in the lingual gyrus and amygdale in the IGD subjects.
Resolving emotional conflict: A role for the rostral anterior cingulate cortex in modulating activity in the amygdale.
fMRI data shows that individual differences in HA account for approximately one third of the variance in functional connectivity between the subgenual cingulate region and the amygdale, thereby providing modulation of individual differences in stress reactivity (Pezawas et al, 2005).
There is research indicating that mindfulness practice could reduce emotional responses through adjusting the activity of the amygdale.
The group found evidence of disturbances in the activity of the gene regulating the androgen receptor in the amygdale of offspring, and noted changes in the receptors for a type of oestrogen and in the genes that regulate serotonin and GABA, signal substances in the brain known for their involvement in the regulation of anxious behaviour.