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I've only known one who could stop an attack, and he knocked me sideways with nitrite of amyl.
I had obtained good results in such cases by the inhalation of nitrite of amyl, and the present seemed an admirable opportunity of testing its virtues.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of alpha amyl cinnamic aldehyde
Although early use of amyl nitrate and hyperbaric oxygen shows some benefit in literature, supportive care remains the mainstay of treatment.
Among other notables, the ceremony was also attended by Consulate General of Switzerland, Amyl Washy.
1% ethyl glycolic propyl glycolic butyl glycolic amyl glycolic hexyl glycolic and decyl glycolic can depress the saturation vapor pressure lower than that of gasoline among which decyl glycolic is the most effective one.
The alkylation unit number 1 and TAME (tertiary amyl methyl ether, used to oxygenate gasoline) are down due to operational problems in Cardon.
Jack deflowered a young woman in his matrimonial bed, persuaded her to perform sex acts on an aide after she'd been given amyl nitrate, then offered to arrange an abortion.
The institute will test the efficacy of amyl nitrite against cyanide in two animal models and will clarify its research strategy with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The court heard Stallard, of Llandaff Road, Cardiff, lured one younger man back to his home with the offer of drinks but put a cloth doused in amyl nitrate, a dance drug known as poppers, over his face and raped him.
A WELL-KNOWN political adviser and lobbyist used the offer of vodka to lure a younger man back to his house before putting a cloth doused in amyl nitrate over his face and raping him, a court heard yesterday.
However, one congener, active amyl alcohol (see below) and the esters derived from it, are considered to be important, desirable flavor components of beer.