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Discrepancy between the chronological order of events and the order in which they are related in a plot.

an′a·chron′ic (ăn′ə-krŏn′ĭk) adj.


(ˌænəˈkrɒnɪk) or


out of chronological order or out of date
[C19: see anachronism]
ˌanaˈchronically adv
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Adj.1.anachronic - chronologically misplacedanachronic - chronologically misplaced; "English public schools are anachronistic"
asynchronous - not synchronous; not occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase
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Wood, Anachronic Renaissance (New York: Zone Books, 2010), p.
Produced and screened by Antena 3 in 2001, the date of the program is anachronic to the events of the film, though this is easily explained by the channel being rechristened as Antenacinco.
In his review of the exhibition, Hal Foster noted that the Mohamedi exhibition suggests ways to "exhibit modern art from different places in a way that frames modernism not as a chronological sequence of Western ideas that can only be imported colonially or imposed imperially, but as an anachronic relay of international practices in complicated conversation".
Additionally, in relation to the album's strict temporality, they are anachronic prefigurations of the independent nation to come, of an imagined community.
Through the anachronic narrative ordering produced by the practice of prolepsis and analepsis, the reader is brought to witness the racist communal rescripting of black resistance that justifies its destruction.
Bartok's pacifist attitude came more and more anachronic and riskier, in a Hungary and Europe by and large--which was becoming Nazi, the composer being often harassed on account of his position.
Instead, Casper locates El Greco's stylistic emancipation from Byzantium in his blending of "the performative" and "the substitutional" modes of image making that Alexander Nagel and Christopher Wood proposed in their collaborative opus, Anachronic Renaissance (2011).
She guesses Guy's anachronic nature as well as his suppressed sexual desires.
The idea of multiculturalism in local memory politics is therefore somehow anachronic (it relates to past only within present frames) and unreflective, which is a possible result of postwar changes in the social structure of the city.
And, although the anachronic Decree-Law 509/69 equates the Post to the Public Treasury, it is certain that this new understanding does not follow simply from the reading of such an instrument, but from all the jurisprudential construction that has been made regarding this public company.
Some are anachronic, inasmuch as they find their way back into the work seemingly against the flow of time.
A professor from Taiwan, however, criticised the ceremony for improper sartorial style and anachronic hybridity.