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Adj.1.anagrammatical - related to anagrams or containing or making an anagram
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In 1996, having been in self-imposed exile from New Zealand for 11 years, I penned an anagrammatical poem NEW ZEALAND and published it as a postcard (8 lines of silver lettering on glossy black card).
Consider how the interplay of representation and metaphor in "Mont Blanc" is energized by the anagrammatical smashup of the river running through landscape and poem, the Arve--the river that "raves" in its "ravine," that rushes beneath the veil of its "voiced vale.
My argument begins with anagrammatical wordplay involved in commonplace associations between desirable women and precious jewels, and Dido's participation within that complex.
10 Explain an link between Jeremy Paxman, the University Challenge 2009 Final, Corpus Christi, leadership, broad-based general knowledge and anagrammatical Ragtime Bill.