anal sphincter

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Noun1.anal sphincter - the sphincter muscle of the anus
anus - the excretory opening at the end of the alimentary canal
anatomical sphincter, sphincter, sphincter muscle - a ring of muscle that contracts to close an opening
musculus sphincter ani externus - an external ring of striated muscle surrounding the anus
musculus sphincter ani internus - an internal ring of smooth muscle formed by circular fibers of the rectum
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Complete relaxation of the anesthetized anal sphincter complex facilitates bringing torn ends of the sphincter together without tension.
Anal sphincter laceration during childbirth is not accurately coded in many hospital discharge records and may be underestimated as a result.
These little sacs, around the size of a kidney bean, sit on either side of and just below the anus, between the skin and the anal sphincter muscle.
It's actually quite common and is caused by an elongated ulcer that extends upwards in the anal canal from the anal sphincter.
This increases the possibility of a severe laceration, such as a tear extending into the deep transverse perineal muscles and fibers of the anal sphincter (third degree), or rectal mucosa (fourth degree).
Anal sphincter tone is directly related to SCI level.
Apply it gently with the finger to the anal rim, not into the anus, at which time protruding hemorrhoids can be gently pushed back beyond the anal sphincter (valve).
It is therefore believed that anal fissures are the result of anal sphincter hypertonia and subsequent mucosal ischaemia.
The Fenix System has three components: an implant, an anal sphincter sizing tool and an introducer tool.
This problem can also occur in people whose anal sphincter tone (the muscle that controls the anal opening) is too tight and cannot relax to pass the stool.
Many nerves are in the area, including the ones that control the anal sphincter.