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 (ăn′əl-jē′zē-ə, -zhə)
A deadening or absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness.

[Greek analgēsiā : an-, without; see a-1 + algēsiā, pain (from algein, to feel pain, from algos, pain).]

an′al·get′ic (-jĕt′ĭk) adj.


(ˌænəlˈdʒiːzɪə; -sɪə) or


1. (Medicine) inability to feel pain
2. (Medicine) the relief of pain
[C18: via New Latin from Greek: insensibility, from an- + algēsis sense of pain]


(ˌæn lˈdʒi zi ə, -si ə)

absence of sense of pain.
[1700–10; < New Latin < Greek analgēsía painlessness <análgēt(os) without pain (an- an-1 + -algētos, v. adj. of algeîn to suffer, álgos pain)]

analgesia, analgesy

the absence of pain. — analgesic, analgetic, adj.
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Noun1.analgesia - absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousnessanalgesia - absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness
physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state - the condition or state of the body or bodily functions


[ˌænælˈdʒiːzɪə] Nanalgesia f


nSchmerzlosigkeit f, → Analgesie f (spec)


n analgesia, supresión f de sensación dolorosa en el paciente consciente; patient-controlled — analgesia controlada por el paciente
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The provision of neuraxial analgesia at patient request, even very early in labor, should be standard of care at this time, unless there exists a medical contraindication.
AcelRx's lead product candidate, Zalviso, is designed to improve the management of moderate-to-severe acute pain in adult patients in the hospital setting by utilizing a high therapeutic index opioid, through a non-invasive delivery route via a pre-programmed, patient-controlled analgesia device.
Patients who received epidural analgesia for postoperative pain management were identified using the ICD-9-CM procedure codes 03.
Postoperatively, all patients were assessed by a blinded investigator, who recorded pain intensity, sedation levels, mood, and hourly analgesia requirements.
Key Words: high volume local infiltration analgesia, hip arthroplasty, knee arthroplasty, nerve block, femoral
The Trust requires Epidural analgesia pumps for use in the Children~s Hospital at QMC Campus and in Maternity, General and Major Trauma Surgical Wards (for Acute Pain) on both QMC and City Campuses.
Recent studies reported that epidural analgesia reduces morbidity after major thoracic, abdominal and vascular surgeries, but in patients with rib fractures, retrospective studies showed inconsistent benefits of epidural analgesia compared to other analgesic modalities.
After the operation and during their stay in the recovery room, analgesia with intravenous morphine 5 mg was provided at the patients' request.
Articaine hydrochloride is an amide type local analgesia [Malamed, 1997].
of Western Ontario, Canada) assembles 21 articles by obstetrics practitioners caring for high-risk patients at the University of Western Ontario and in the UK who outline debates in obstetric anesthesia and analgesia used in the perioperative and perinatal periods, for trainees and practitioners in anesthesia, obstetrics, and critical care medicine, as well as nurses and midwives.
First, the new regulations state that in order to provide minimal sedation with nitrous oxide analgesia, the techniques used must carry a margin of safety wide enough to prevent a depressed level of consciousness.
The goal of this paper is to systematically and critically review evidence on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for emesis, analgesia, and anxiolysis in acute pain, specifically in procedures with an emphasis on the period from 1999 to 2006, Further, it aims to provide a theoretical rationale for the use of hypnosis with cancer populations in the whole spectrum of illness/treatment trajectory in several clinical contexts, Finally, a treatment protocol for management of overt anxiety and phobic reactions in the radiotherapy suite is presented, with the intent of having such a protocol empirically validated in the future.