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 (ăn′əl-jē′zē-ə, -zhə)
A deadening or absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness.

[Greek analgēsiā : an-, without; see a-1 + algēsiā, pain (from algein, to feel pain, from algos, pain).]

an′al·get′ic (-jĕt′ĭk) adj.


a painkilling drug
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Adj.1.analgetic - capable of relieving painanalgetic - capable of relieving pain; "the anodyne properties of certain drugs"; "an analgesic effect"
moderating - lessening in intensity or strength
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Along with the ongoing debate regarding the effect of anaesthetic and analgetic drugs on malignancy recurrence, reported data tend to support the use of propofol based anaesthesia due to a lesser immune suppressive effect [14-16].
Biochemical and clinical evidence that aspirin-intolerant asthmatic subjects tolerate the cyclooxygenase 2-selective analgetic drug celecoxib.
Analgetic activity of calcitonin in patients with painful osteolytic metastases of breast cancer.